The tantra massage awakes the inner sexual energy and leads to a very powerful erotic experience. The woman who abandons herself to the tantra massage experience will totally open her soul and will dive into an incredible dimension of multiple feelings and fantasies.

An exclusive moment of pure well-being and relax in which to rediscover your own intimacy. For those reasons I decided to create a massage totally addressed to the magic of the woman body.

massaggio tantra donna

PRELIMINARIES: The preliminaries help to detach the mind from the surrounding reality in order to immerse the woman in an intimate and surreal context. The preliminaries help to create a feeling of harmony with the operator, to break down the barriers of inhibition and judgment and allow the woman to gradually abandon herself in a context of trust, relax and exploration of her inner sensations.

THE MASSAGE: The massage then develops into a mix of techniques that relax the mind and the body, and helps the woman to focus exclusively on her own pleasure. The mind and the body mix together while the operator lead the woman in a deep emotional state and shapes the massage itself, making it "tailor-made" to her emotional journey, instant by instant.

CONCLUSION:: The climax of the journey is the Yoni massage, a dive into the depths of erotic sensuality, accompanied as a queen to the peak of her own pleasure. The operator turns himself into an instrument that with all his mastery allows the woman to manifest and taste the climax of all her eros and will let her live it amplified through her body.

BENEFITS: The tantra massage helps the woman to know her body, to express and master all her erotic potential and her sensuality. It increases the safety in its feminine qualities and hers seductive abilities as well as helping her to know her body and maximize her pleasure.

WHAT CAN I DO: In the tantra massage the woman abandons herself to the expert guide of the masseur. Many women feel pleasure by creating an exchange of experiences and want to interact with the operator to guide him in creating a perfect marriage of "give and take". Maximum respect of people is always guaranteed.

WHO AM I: My name is KRIS and I am a professional escort for women. I gained a considerable knowledge of the women universe thanks to the several years of experience in this field and hundreds of women met and experienced. I have gained a strong experience in everything related to the sensuality of the woman and how to guide her to better express her potential.

tantra per donna
massaggi tantra donna
massaggi tantra per donne


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Servizi e rates

The Tantra massage for women is a very customizable massage. For any request please contact me and I will help you to choose the most suitable massage to match your expectations. It is possible to experience the massage even with couples, in this case the woman's partner and the operator cooperate in perfect complicity to allow the woman to express the maximum of her sensuality and allow the couple to establish a strong emotional bond.

FOR WOMAN OR COUPLE (60 min) = 250 €
FOR WOMAN OR COUPLE (120 min) = 450 €

In the massage for WOMEN or COUPLES it is also possible to include the participation of a female operator to increase the experience and the applied techniques.

FOR COUPLE DOUBLE (60 min : 2 operators ) = 500/600 €

I guarantee MAXIMUM CONFIDENTIALITY e MAXIMUM CLEANING. Call me for more information or to book your Tantra massage.

Who is KRIS

You don't know me? I'll tell you about me!

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massaggio tantra per donna
tantra per coppie
massaggio tantra per donna
tantra per coppie
massaggio tantra per donna
tantra per coppie
massaggio tantra per donna
tantra per coppie
massaggio tantra per donna
tantra per coppie

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NO unknown numbers, if I don't answer you immediatly please send me an SMS or a WhatsApp message, I'll contact you a soon as possible! You can also send me an email at: tantraperdonna@gmail.com