When they ask me "What do you do?" I like to simply answer: I love to help people to live what they want to live.

I'm KRIS, a professional escort for women. I live this life with passion and committment. It allows me to taste the inner side of people and to let them smile satisfying a fantasy or overcome a difficult moment.

The WOMAN is like a diamond, she never loses her brightness, not even time affects her value. That brightness attracts me, to see which world it paints and which emotions it impresses. It's my pleasure and duty to take this light by hand and help it to shape and live many dreams, showing the most fascinating side of itself.

I have been doing this work for several year, always at high professional level. I run my profile in the most important italian website for this job and I work with the utmost seriousness and the utmost respect.

I started my interests for Tantra world because, in the several dates I had with women, they teached me which kind of emotions they want to live and what kind of experiences they are seeking for. The tantric massage is an excellent journey to experience together, far away from the standard of gigolo or male escort dynamics. It is mainly a sweet dive in a feeling of pleasure and excitement that allows that woman to explore her inner erotic potential, and allows me to play the woman body like an instrument, shaping the pleasure and fusing our body in a unique exclusive erotic dance.

Many women could not believe they were capable of experiencing such emotions through a tantric massage. During the massage the external world ceases to exist, we are alone in your own fantasies. You are the melody and I'm just the director that shape it.

Then live your journey to discover your pleasure, I'll take you there.


The tantric massage awakes the sexual energy and lead to a powerful erotic experience. It is an exclusive moment of pure pleasure and relax by discovering your inner potential.

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